Be More Efficient and Effective with your Data


Are you ready to cut time analyzing your data so you can focus on improving outcomes?

  • With more data being generated and more distractions pulling you away from it, how can you maximize your analytics time and resources?

  • Do you need consulting or mentoring to assist you in getting your analytics to the next level?



Cut time analyzing and interpreting your data

From predictive analytics to program evaluation, psychometrics to survey design, our team has over 50 years of analytics and research experience to address your most challenging data concerns and support your team in the interpretation and utilization of data to drive institutional outcomes.

Services We Offer To Educational Institutions

  • Program/Grant Evaluation

  • Descriptive and Predictive Analytics

  • Survey Research

  • Focus Group Facilitation

  • Assessment Development

  • Psychometric Support

  • Strategic Planning

  • Needs Assessment

Predictive Analytics

Knowing students’ needs before they step foot in the classroom again helps identify priorities and better allocate resources. Use our predictive model frameworks to calculate academic gaps based on past student outcomes. Early identification of needs allows for more precise and effective instructional support. Frameworks in K12 are designed for literacy or skills-based outcomes; higher education models focus on retention.

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Program Evaulation

You have implemented a program, but how do you know it made a difference?


Alla Breve uses formative and summative evaluation approaches to determine the success of a program.

Common program evaluation focus questions include:

  • Is the program effective in improving knowledge, skills, or attitudes?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current program?

  • What are the recommendations for improvement based on #1 and #2?

Case Study

Hornell City School District Focuses Efforts Through Comprehensive Needs Assessment

“…this process is just what Hornell needed."

- Jeremy Palotti, Superintendent

Working on the Go


Let Alla Breve help your institution cut time analyzing data so you can spend time improving student and institutional outcomes. Alla Breve's solutions for Education can ensure your institution meets its mission today and into the future

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